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a puppet in need. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 0 cheezy as it. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 2 RoboJackie. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 0 4 :D. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 0 2
A Lackluster Limerick
What happens to an uninspired poem?
Does it gather dust in a forgotten file on Microsoft word?
Or does it take off from reality like a soaring bird?
Does it ever find its muse, ready to enthuse?
Or do its words disappear, never to be used?
Maybe it just waits, until the words finally work.
Or does it sit forgotten, only to lurk?
:iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 0 2
i 2 am amrka.
I, too, sing America.
I am a part of the generation which talks in texts.
They say we’ll never advance to the future and what is next.
But I know that we are the future, the foundation of the new.
Tomorrow we’ll be the innovators, all with new points of view.
Nobody’ll scorn me the next time I talk to Brianna on Myspace.
Besides technology is what pushes forward, us, the human race.
I, too, am America.
:iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 2
:devogroup: :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 7 6
It's Not 42.
"It's not forty-two." She was getting impatient, "I just can't believe that the answer to the universe is forty-two." The boy shook his head, her disbelief could lead to the apocalypse. Suddenly, a window blipped on his computer, "Go to" it said. He didn't believe in the rubbish on the web, so he quickly IMed her back.
Boy: No way Jose, I'm not falling for another one of your pranks.
Girl: Well, I'm just trying to prove to you that forty-two isn't the answer of the universe.
Boy: Yeah bu--
Girl: This is.
Boy: :|
Boy: Whatever. It's probably a virus, right? Just look at that gibberish in the URL.
Boy: Hey. Stop it.
Girl: Do it!
Girl: Do it!
Girl: Do it!
Girl: Do it!
Girl: Do it!
Girl: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
Boy: You're getting on my nerves>
Girl: Just copy and paste it!
Boy: NO.
Girl: Pleaaaa--
Boy has signed off.
She shook her
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I Am He as You are He. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 28 Love Gives You Wiiings. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 3 9
Until Saturday.
She stared at the monitor display. The blinking cursor seemed to mock her creativity, or lack of. With her scanner broken, there wasn't much she could do until Saturday. She had a lot of lineart needing to be colored. One for Valentine's Day, where she was already a day late.
Sighing, she reminisced the vow she had made, about one deviation a day. Her camera was out of batteries and memory, her traditional work never too fantastic, and her writing, just below mediocre. At least she was remotely controlled at coloring the doodles she found in her classes.
She stared at the Valentine's composition next to her. It was yet to be fully completed. Until Saturday, she thought, until Saturday, I'll be able to load some art. Three pieces, she planned, she would load that day.
She fell asleep. Waking up to the sinister cursor, she pressed "OK" and sent in some mediocre literature.
:iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 0 1
Mon Amour. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 7
14 Ways.
14 Ways.
A compilation of 14 pick-up lines for the antisocial, the wallflowers, and the cheesy.
In no particular order.
1. Are your parents bakers, cause you've got the hottest buns!
2. Are you Justin? Just-Incredible?
3. Are those space-pants you're wearing, 'cause your butt is out of this world!
4. Are your feet tired? Cause you've been running in my mind, all day.
5. When I saw you from across the room, I passed out cold and hit my head on the floor, so I'm going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.
6. Can I borrow a quarter? I told my Mom I'd call when I met the manof my dreams.
7. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
8. You must be a ticket, because you've got 'fine' written all over you!
9. Is there an airport near by or is that my heart taking off?
10. I don't know if it's igneous or metamorphic, but baby, you rock.
11. If you were a booger, I'd pick you first.
12. Do you use windex on your pants? Cause I can see myself in them!
13. I need
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Frolic o' Love. :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 1 8 :devo: :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 9 12 PrettyDress,GladiatorSandals :iconxevvrimyst:xevvrimyst 0 7

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Avatar Finale 1 :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 11,390 2,081 .Lineart Tutorial. :iconandoledius:Andoledius 5,776 640 Soft Coloring - Deji's way XP :icondejinyucu:DejiNyucu 3,950 442
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 18
With winter here, and many people getting ready to go on vacation, I thought I'd go through the galleries and find some interesting winter themed manipulations using stock from deviantART!
:thumb32601194:  :thumb41676893:
romantic 5 by visualgraffiti-stock  :thumb26248108:
larafairie-stock: Half Face by larafairie-stock  Cold Heritage by Amethystana
Snow 2 by Oudeis-stock  Visions of Winter. by trinket
wonderland by madamBesson  So Cold by enii
Photo - Nature - 0295 by resurgere  Winter Wonders by BPauba
Babyblu44 by BeautyOf-Stock  Princess Winter by mmebuterfly
:thumb25048381:  :thumb27438143:
Nessastock01 by A-Elberethstock  :thumb6574911:
:thumb32660460: + :thumb30841937: = First touch of winter by Panicalex
Black Dress Bob 2 by Falln-Stock + :thumb5881221: = :thumb40843404:
Winter Fairy 33 by Lisajen-stock + Snow Queen Pack 3 by lockstock = Winter Witches by Fenrizulf
Aquarius by Sinned-angel-stock + Winter tree by hydestock + Drowning River by hurleygirl89-stock = :th
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 82 75
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 17
I was suggested the theme robots. Well writing this stock article is a lot harder than it looks. People don’t label their images with keywords that I’m looking for, or if they do, they don’t link directly to the photo they used, just to the stock account. This means I have to stroll through upwards of 2,000 photos just to find the one that I am looking for. Another thing that people don’t do, is when they use a piece of stock, they don’t go back to the original deviation and leave a message there. That would make this a lot easier to write. I could find the cool stock first, and then just stroll through the comments to see who has used it where.
Another thing that stock artist’s don’t always do, is fav only work that has their stock in it. I fav everything else with my main account, and only the items using my stock at my stock account. That way if anybody would like to see how my stock has been used in the past, they can just click on my favorites.
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 48 36
Manip Tips and Tricks #3: YagaK
Name: YagaK
Tools of the Trade: Photoshop CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Canon A620, Nikon d70, Yashica Mat, Lifetec tablet, imagination:)
Likes to use: My own photos mixed with some stock photos, lots of different textures, filters and brushes made either by me or from stocks.
Examples of her work:
YagaK’s tips and tricks:
1.- Stock:
I spend a lot of time looking for photos with similar lightning, colours, atmosphere, so that when I join them together they will fit to each other.
2.- Desaturation:
I always slightly desaturate photos before I work with colour.
3.- Sharpening:
I almost always slightly sharpen pictures at the very beginning of work.
4.- Homemade Filters:
I make some filters out of textures just by blurring them, applying masks and changing the fill and opacity.
5.- Coloring:
:iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 95 14
Erif :icon101art:101Art 2 2 Strawberry :icon101art:101Art 9 7 Dance, Nothing Left 4 Me 2 Do :iconlost-in-burnie:lost-in-burnie 10 26 Teacups :iconvolleyballskeeilz:volleyballskeeilz 2 5 The Dog on the Dock :iconvolleyballskeeilz:volleyballskeeilz 1 3 Another Bag of Bricks :iconsylvacoer:sylvacoer 266 168 It's cold outside :iconhrvojester:hrvojester 339 113 'Truth Hurts' :iconsylvacoer:sylvacoer 414 421 American Rose Flag :iconpatmaniac:Patmaniac 105 17
Cherries Contest!!
First Off... The theme...
Simply put, the theme of my contest is CHERRIES!!!!!
The rules are simple... your entry can be anything.... Photography, digital art, traditional art, Poetry, can even be jewelry or something else hand made!!! The point here is NOT to just make some cherries...but to REALLY be creative!!! Open your minds and your creative genius!!!
I only ask that you NOT submit anything bloody, gory, hateful, disrespectful, or sexually explicit. I will not have such things on my page.
I will take entries until March 1st.
More info here...
:iconamethystunderwood:AmethystUnderwood 3 2



Jackie! Zhou
United States
Current Residence: Swellesley.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small.
Favourite genre of music: I dig it all.
Favourite photographer: Annie L.
Favourite style of art: Like. Pyschedelic.
Operating System: As of now, Mac.
MP3 player of choice: SeaFoam Green iPod Nano.
Shell of choice: Sea, duh!
Wallpaper of choice: Changes Monthly.
Favourite cartoon character: Squidward.
Personal Quote: "ça va!"
  • Listening to: "Lizstomania" Phoenix

Please harass me to be more active on dA.
Boston is Boston-y.


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